5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Page Rank via LinkedIn

Did you know that you can improve your own/your company’s page rank with a few quick tricks on LinkedIn?  All you need is a free LinkedIn profile to get started!

I. Make sure your profile is listed as “Public”.  If your profile is set to “Private”, this can hurt your ranking, and people may not be able to find you.

II. Craft a relevant “Professional ‘Headline’”.

  • Go to Profile > Edit My Profile > Then type in your headline.
  • Headlines should contain your own value proposition or reason for people to engage with you.  They also help build your credibility.  The keywords you use in your headline will also increase your search ranking.

III. Add your websites to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Go to Profile > Edit My Profile > Websites.
  • List your most important websites here!  These can be your company’s website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.  You can list up to three sites here. 
  • When you add or edit websites, select the dropdown menu next to “Websites:”, and select “Other”.
  • Change the description name to the right of the dropdown menu to describe what your website is (i.e. your company’s name if company website, blog name, etc.).  You can use your actual name as a website name.
  • Enter the full URL of your website in the third field.  Be sure to include “http” and the full address here.  It’s easiest to copy the URL from your web browser and paste it here to ensure you have it right.  
  • Use these links in other places.  You should promote your URLs on your website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. to additionally improve your search engine ranking.

IV. Update your status at least once a week. 

  • Updating your status regularly keeps your content fresh and relevant, which helps with search ranking.  This will keep you at top of mind with those already in your LinkedIn network.
  • Update your status from your Home page on LinkedIn.  Just type whatever you want to share in the text box below “Network Updates”, and click “Share”.  You can even put hyperlinks that you want to share in with your status.

V. Recommendations: Spread and receive the love!

  • If you recommend people on a regular basis (once a month or so), this will improve your page rank results. You can recommend current or former managers, direct reports, colleagues, partners, clients, etc.
  • Get recommended too!  Don’t hesitate to ask your coworkers, former colleagues, business partners, etc. for a recommendation.  When people recommend you, this also increases page rank results, and it makes your profile even more impressive.   : ) 

-Jessica Nielsen, Principal & Dir. of Marketing Communications




8 Responses to “5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Page Rank via LinkedIn”

  1. Mari-Lyn Says:

    Nice work! It’s pretty easy to forget to update out status and yet it’s pretty easy to do

  2. espri7 Says:

    Pingback from Twitter http://bit.ly/9hSo5i [… ] RT 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Page Rank via LinkedIn [… ] on Thur 02/04/10, 21:14 CET

  3. Tune Up Your LinkedIn Profile Today! « VibeLog Says:

    […] VibeLog The Vibe from Your Friends at Vibrant Marketing « 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Page Rank via LinkedIn […]

  4. Socialamigo Says:

    Adding the websites into the profile is crucial – I’ve had 100s of click-throughs; the result of landing important URLs there. Keeping this information updated is important too.

  5. mack45 Says:

    Hi I needed this info thank you I have been here and did not know those things like refreshing your info .

  6. Joan Says:

    Thank you for a concise list of what is done within LinkedIn this is extremely helpful.

  7. tempo dulu Says:

    thanks, i’ll try this

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